DHP has over 30 years of experience

DHP has over 30 years of experience in the professional horticulture industry. We specialize in distribution and consultation, utilizing only the highest quality products to provide the best solutions. With current projects in Puerto Rico, South America, Canada, the US, and Europe, we’re adroit at providing an optimum outcome wherever your venture needs to happen.

We work with industry-leading companies on irrigation, lighting, benches, and more. We also provide both complete and targeted solutions for efficient, profitable, and smoothly operating facilities.

Our founder and president started out in the greenhouse over 25 years ago, and DHP strives to bring that hands-on ethos to any project we’re involved in.

  • Facility & System Design: We provide complete solutions for both facilities and horticulture systems. Be it optimizing your existing growth facility or providing upgraded systems, DHP has the experience and know-how.
  • Optimizing Square Footage: The more organized and systemic your layout, the more profitable you are. We can help you make the most of your facility.
  • Organic Farming: The future is organic, and we can provide the expertise and supplies to get you there. Please ask us about how we can help you make either a full or partial conversion to organic indoor growth today.
  • Operations Management: The smoother your facility runs, the more profitable you are. DHP can consult on how best to streamline your processes for maximum profitability.
  • Training: Need help to bootstrap to the latest methods, gear, and techniques? We can provide guidance on the newest strategies and techniques in the field today.
  • Turnkey Projects: Have just the vision and the space — but not know where to begin or have the time to get started? Not a problem. DHP can provide ground-up solutions and services, turning an idea and empty space into a fully functional, state of the art and successful facility.
  • Sustainability: DHP can help you keep your production levels stable and your supplies sourced from renewable origins.
  • Cost Reduction: Increased efficiency means better returns on your investment. We can help maximize your return on investment by introducing more efficient processes and equipment.
  • Full Supply: DHP is a one-stop-shop for horticulture system products, and we retain direct relationships with manufacturers. No matter what your needs, we can provide a direct route for provisioning.
  • Distribution: DHP holds direct and/or exclusive regional distribution rights with major manufacturers. This means we can assure both availability and continuity in your supply train.


The key to profitable consulting is using time tested products. Ranging from increased productivity to maintaining a healthy and disease-free crop, requires using only the top-quality organic and pesticide free growth staples.

These are just some of our tools of the trade to help you grow.